The how and why of robotic process automation training


As humans develop skills and abilities previously unthinkable, like controlling the elements and using their energy to benefit themselves, it is no wonder why we are the most well equipped species in the world. With the technology that we wield at our fingers and the imaginations we have grown to appreciate in recent years, almost anything that can be fathomed can be made into a reality. There is obviously a level of learning involved. As the familiar expression goes, knowledge is power, and knowledge is also the means of knowing that this power is within an intelligible grasp. This knowledge or vessel that carries us to the promise of tomorrow comes in the humble form of education, experience and training.

Putting two and two together at this point is obvious. There is a very specific robotic process automation training{} involved in the potential of this technology. This training is now open to anyone in various formats.

Training formats
• YouTube video tutorials
• Online courses that can be free or chargeable for a reasonable cost
• Training inclusive employment
• On-the-job experience learning
The sheer lack of a computer-based program that makes the demanding yet essential tasks in the workplace easier to manage is why more people are willing to take up the robotic process automation training. There is an untapped source of job creation at the core of this idea.

The fact that the human being in the chain of command is being replaced raises some serious and valid concerns ethically and statistically. However, owing to the well thought out future of the RPAs, the individuals in the chain are utilized in higher positions of management, for their human qualities like judgment, spontaneity and imagination which no robot or computer based program has been able to match so far- or can they?